Neil Irons moved from his home town of Dundee in 1987 to London to start his career as an artist. After completing an MA at Chelsea he moved around a bit - teaching , doing residencies, popping up in various places such as Cheltenham, Cheptum, Cambridge - that sort of thing - before setting up base in Hackney. He has always worked from a studio and was one of the earliest artists to be priced out of Redchurch Street at a time when it was near derelict. Alongside making and showing his work he started curating exhibitions and ran an artist space for a number of years.

Still living in Hackney but finally priced over the great divide of the River Lea as far as workplaces go he now has a studio in the Barbican Arts Group Trust Studios at Blackhorse Lane in Walthamstow. His practise has in the main been a figurative, narrative look at life, love and politics – personal and global. Employing varied media and techniques dependent on which best suit the subject he continues to try and understand how we live the way we do and why we do the things we do.

These days when he’s not in his studio he’s riding a bicycle.

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Services - Public Art , Web Design , Education Projects, Design for print
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